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Invest in Tokyo real estate
Welcome to Pacific Capital Investment, your one stop consulting for real estate investment in Tokyo and Japan. We are not the usual agent but provide a one to one investment search that fits your specific need and from an "investor" point of view.



歡迎加入Pacific Capital Investment (簡稱PCI),專注在東京和日本房地產投資,您的一站式諮詢。我們不是一般的代理商,而是從"投資者"角度,提供一對一的投資尋找適合您的特定需求。

Property news and topics (市場動向及新聞)
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Our Service(我們的服務)
Free Inquiry (免費諮詢)

All consultations are absolutely free and your cost is exactly the "same" as any other agent in a Japan. We will NOT charge any margin on top of the price of property or any outside services arrange by PCI, instead we will negotiate for the best market price like we would invest ourselves.



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