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Japan Property Type <日本地產類別>


Various type of properties to suit your goal. (日本房地產不同類型的屬性,均以滿足你的目標)

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Residential(single unit/building with land)

- rental yields 4 ~ 12 %

Just like anywhere residential properties are the basic needs, especially in major metro city such as Tokyo rental return could be handsome. But residential property whole building has wide range of size in Japan starting from affordable 10 units and up. There are basically 3 types of building structures ( concrete, reinforced steel, wooded) in which concrete is the most durable and popular. Buildings are usually very well managed with professional Japanese agents and good tenants. But you need not to forget Japan land full ownerships is very attractive compare with Asia cities. Hence building ownerships you can enjoy stable rental income and forever land ownerships. Prices are from less than 100K US studio to 400K US or more 2 to 3 bedroom condo. Whole building with land starts from 1 million US to 20 million US or more large size building.I'm a paragraph. I'm a great place for you to let your users know a little more about me. Double click me to change me and add your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.


住宅建築(單戶或1棟) - 租金收益率4~12%


就像任何地方的住宅物業是基本需求,特別是在主要地鐵城市,如東京的租金回報可是非常吸引。物業形式也有分大小,在日本小型的1棟由10戶單位開始。基本上有3種類型的建築結構(混凝土,加強鉄鋼,木造房子),依據耐用和流行區分。日本備有良好的租客及專業的管理。更要記得日本的所有土地權制和亞洲其他城市進行比較是非常有吸引力的。因此,購置房地產,您可以享受穩定的租金收入亦即永遠土地所有權。價格從幾百萬日元的少公寓到幾千萬日元的2,3 房,1棟從1億日元的小型至20億大型的很多選擇。

Tower mansion - yields 4 ~ 6 %

High rise luxurious condo type of property has becoming very popular among Japanese and foreigner buyers. Usually they are built by big well-known developers utilizing best quality materials. Building complexes are big multi-unit sometimes with common relaxation area, big lobby, parking and most importantly a nice view. You can find these more easily in major city like Tokyo. Prices are relatively higher but the rent are usually higher as well. Entry price is affordable compare with other part of the world, a brand new smaller size 60SqMeter(600ft) can start at 600K USD.


高層豪宅 - 收益率4%~6%




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Commercial office building - rental yields 4 ~ 9 %

Businesses always require offices or retail spaces, and commercial rent is very affordable in Japan therefore there are lots needs and choices ranging from large size office properties to small medium size. Smaller size property whole building is available as low as 1 to 2 million US to multi millions.  Office tenants only require basic space and renovation and therefore owners' cost is minimal.


商業辦公樓 - 租金回報率4~9%




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Business and resort hotel, Japanese inn 

- yields 6 ~ 20 %

Japan has a big need in business hotel and not to mention 5 stars resort hotel. With Olympic 2020 approaching tourism will hit a record high every year. With a high frequency of domestic business trip, local needs for business hotel are high and stable. Resort hotel accross all destinations ranging from modern resort hotel to Japanese traditional small size hotel are available. Often time hotels are sold/purchased with and long term exiting lease from an hotel operation. This investment scheme provides guarantee yield long term no vacancy and almost no maintain costs. Investor can also acquire property for its own hotel operation to boost a much higher yield.


商務或度假酒店,日式旅館 - 收益率6%~20%




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Retail shop - yields 5 ~ 8 %

Retail spaces can be founded at small to large size properties, regardless if it is on ground floor or not. The biggest difference from other Asian countries is that usually is sold as part of a property not stand alone. It is available but require more time and effort to search.


零售店面 - 收益率5%~8%




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