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Investment Adviser

Kevin Chan


Cell: (+81) 90-9825-1045

Tel:  (+81) 3-3232-7139

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Free Inquiry <免費諮詢>

Consulting process

All consultations are absolutely free and your cost is exactly the "same" as any other agent in a Japan. We will NOT charge any margin on top of the price of property or any outside services arrange by PCI, instead we will negotiate for the best market price like we would invest ourselves.


Please provide PCI your information and investment needs


PCI will search and provide selected properties information


Explain each property pros and cons


Advises on mortgage if applicable


Make offer and negotiation process


Arrange all legal documents and final transaction


In order for PCI to provide the best search services please kindly share with us as much details as possible. Please fill out the below form (Japanese, English or Chinese) and we will contact you within the next 48hours. All information will kept with strict privacy.




















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