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Real Estate & Property Services


Who we are, what we can go: one to one consulting, non-disclose property, buy and sell transaction, property management, renovation, bank financing, tax and legal advises, translation

"Who we are and what make us so different"

Welcome to Pacific Capital Investment(PCI), your ONE STOP consulting for real estate investment in Tokyo and Japan. We are not the usual agent but provide a one to one investment search that fits your specific need. Most important difference is we are are using an investor point of view to provide our search.

Different from other agent, we are experienced real estate investors ourselves. Instead just try to make a one time sell, we treasure long term opportunities and repeat customers' introduction. PCI successfully invest, own and manage various properties in Tokyo, and turned them into "positive cash flow" from day one. We will apply those priceless valuable experiences for your investment as we did for ourselves.


"What we provide"

PCI provides expertise services from an investor point if view, therefore will only recommend a few properties out of many properties via our alliances for our client to review. Hence, we give honest view point of what is good versus bad investment,  stable versus risky, hassle free versus manpower focus properties. If you want to purchase a property we don't recommend we will still honestly tell you. Whether you want to invest in residential, commercial property or even business hotel, we are serious to help you and wish all investor is also serious as a partner.


Addition services all free:

- financing advises and bank mortgage arrangement are available depending on your credit background. Japan resident with good credit can possibly qualify for high loan or possible full loan financing. Will also try our best to assist non Japan resident depending on credit and asset background.

- legal advises require to complete the buy and sell transaction.

- price negotiation and cash flow estimation

- property management arrangements such as rent collection, tenant placement, repair and insurance.

- renovation from cost performance vendor

- related tax benefit advises for personal or corporate purchase. 

- big consumption tax refund could be possible depending on property.


PCI founder

Pacific Capital Investment is established by Kevin Chan with a mission to promote Japan real estate opportunities to investors both in Japan and overseas. Prior to PCI Kevin was active in global marketing covering Japan, Taiwan and China.

Kevin is a true believer in real estate influenced by his family which was active in real estate investment. "When I was in high school I accompanied my family to see properties, is in my DNA" Kevin noted.

He has personal investment experiences ranging from blue chip stocks, FX, fund and real estates. He has also invested in real estates in US, Hong Kong but finally realized Japan is the best market to invest in Asia. Since then he has actively invested in properties in Tokyo now owns over hundred units of properties. He found his real passion in Japan market and keep research and studies the best opportunities for Japan. He is skilled in property search, tax, and bank financing. Kevin would love to use his successful knowledges to help other investors. He is an active consultant and invited as speaker for real estate seminar.


   Pacific Capital Investment(PCI),是您在東京和日本"一站式"諮詢的房地產投資。我們不是一般的代理,提供一對一的投資尋來找最適合您的特定需求。最重要的區別是,我們是以投資者角度為我們的投資者搜索。

與其他代理商不同,我們自己都是經驗豐富的房地產投資者。而不只是一次性買賣,我們珍惜長期的關係和客的介紹。 PCI成功投資自己在東京各種屬性的房地產及管理,並從購入後開始就使物業成為“正向現金流”。我們將應用這些無價的寶貴經驗為您的投資,像是為我們自己投資一樣。







  • 融資諮詢和銀行按揭的安排都可以根據你的信用背景。日本居民憑著良好的信用更可能獲得高額或全額貸款融資。非日本居留權者看信用及資金等也會全力幫助融資。

  • 買入和賣出交易上的法律建議。

  • 價格談判和預測投資的收益。

  • 物業管理的安排,如收取租金,開發租戶,維修和保險。

  • 提供合理的裝修商務。

  • 相關的稅務建議,用個人或公司購買的建議。

  • 高額消費稅退稅,要看個案。




   Pacific Capital Investment是由Kevin Chan成立,其使命是促進日本房地產投資的機會,無論是為日本和海外的投資者。在成立PCI前Kevin已活耀在全球市場覆蓋包含日本,台灣和中國大陸。

被他的家族從他少時巳在投資地產的影響,Kevin是成為非洲忠誠地產的投資者。 “當我在高中的時候我已常陪我的家人去看物件,這就已經融入到我的DNA中” Kevin說。

他個人投資經歷,從績優股,外匯,基金和房地產。他也曾投資了房地產在美國,香港,但最終意識到日本是投資是亞洲最好的市場。從那時起,他一直積極投資於物業在東京, 現在擁有超過”百戶房子”。他發現他真正的忠情在日本的市場和不斷研究在日本的最佳投資機會。他精通房地產搜索,稅務和銀行融資。Kevin 很想用他成功的知識,以幫助其他投資者。Kevin也有被要請做房地產研討會講座,也是一位活躍的地產投資顧問。

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